Summer Mentoring

Summer Mentoring

Summer Mentoring 

Our summer mentoring program is the lynchpin in our multifaceted immersion philosophy. In addition to gaining a deep relationship with Christ and their community, each son will learn about fiscal responsibility, gain insights into the professional world of business, and mature their academic goals. Along with these spiritual and professional benefits, our sons are immersed in cross-cultural pollination through travel and community outreach in an effort to expand their worldviews. The long-term qualitative goal of the FFF summer mentoring program is the restoration of fatherhood as a progressive strategy to benefit and heal our communities.  

Son Camp 

Equal parts sleep away camp, boot camp, and sport camps, Son Camp is the pace setter for the FFF summer mentoring program. Located in historic Whites Creek, TN, Son Camp is a two-week engagement into community responsibility and integrity, facilitated by a nurturing and highly trained all male staff. Son Camp acts as a stimulus in personal growth, spiritual maturation, and the development of Christ centered life skills for all sons. Using a team based support system, each son learns the value of accountability and is provided ample opportunity to develop life skills, which will allow them to positively contribute to society.  


The FFF mentoring program recognizes internships and mentorships as an integral part of its curriculum. Sons who are under the age of fifteen shadow local businessmen for two days, on a mentorship and experience a father’s life in the workplace. Family Foundation Fund sons who are of working age (above 15) are placed in summer long paid internships with some of our cooperate champions such as Vanderbilt University, Chase Construction, and Huseby Homes, enabling our young men to participate in structured, professional business environments, gaining real time experience. The internship program strives to provide deep business opportunities which help our sons build on, enhance, and achieve summer long financial goals.  

Son Farm

Son Farm is our seven-acre organic educational orchard and garden located in Joelton, TN. Son Farm primarily functions as a learning laboratory for the young men in our program and is a year round resource available to all our program participants, including the mothers, surrogate fathers and the summer (exclusive) participants. All sons learn the power of covenant through the agrarian lenses of science, which demonstrate the totality of life’s journey in a holistic manner over the course of a summer. Their hard work and sweat produces actual, physical results as they see the results of sowing and reaping, which is a life principle. Our ASC (agricultural supporting community) allow the FFF sons to hone foundational life skills, such as supply and demand, entrepreneurship, health and wellness training, and cultivating of a sustainable food source to subsidize food costs to families and the elderly in the community. 

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