Community Based Fathering

Community Based Fathering

Several relationships between our community champions and participants are part of our Community-based Fathering program. Community-based Fathering relationships involve life skill workshops, outings and activities, doing things the champions and participants/ families enjoy together: 

  • Pot luck dinners 
  • Going to sporting events 
  • Volunteering at community service projects 
  • Adopting a family for the holidays 
  • Attending special events hosted by Family Foundation Fund and partnering organizations 

Often times churches and organizations are looking to make an impact in the local communities but are not sure how to initiate and connect to relationships with those in need. Additionally, there are individuals who are not quite able to be a surrogate family but are wanting to partner up with a neighbor, co-worker, church member, or friend and begin making an impact in their local communities. If this is the case, our Community-Based Fathering program is ideal for you to begin making a difference. Sometimes our champions meet their sons and families on the weekend, others get together for family meals on weekday evenings. Each relationship is distinctive and develops a schedule that works for them.


Community Makes All The Difference 

Studies show that children who have role models are more likely to spend their time in creative outlets that empower them academically, socially, and physically. When their environment is absent of positive influences they are at a higher risk of being involved in drugs, alcohol, and crime related activities.

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