Mission / Vision / Values


~ Mission ~

The mission of the Family Foundation Fund is to nurture young men whose  fathers are absent  from  their lives nurturing them into Christ centered manhood, and providing father figures who will be their advocates  alleviating the void and pain of an absent father.. 

 ~ Vision ~

Through understanding and application of biblical principles we will transform our communities. Men will embrace the opportunity to make a positive difference in the cultural, social, economic and institutional atmosphere of Nashville, with the hope of restoration through a multimedia format advance to other parts of our nation. 

Pathway to the restoration of fatherhood: educating men and encouraging the corporate community, educational institutions, family focused non-profits, churches, and men fellowships to embrace the plight of the fatherless and receive the mantle to make a difference. 

 ~ Engagement  ~ 

Intentional Fatherhood Training series are held each quarter of the year, to be live streamed into each quadrant of the city. 

Son Camp and summer mentoring program for young men whose fathers are absent. 

Fatherhood Curriculum – Focused on the nine stages of life and the importance of a father’s presence on the journey of life in each stage. 

Father’s Impart Destiny Campaign (T Shirts proclaiming Father’s impart Destiny worn while serving in community) 

Annual Family & Fatherhood Celebration (Where Legacy Fathers are honored) 

 ~ Statement of One Family ~ 

It is evident that racism permeates all aspects of our social structure. There is only one race and that is the human race. The unity of the family brings strength but division and racial injustice weakens the family. We believe that God our heavenly Father created the human family and established fathers to provide, protect and lead their family.  

 ~ Values ~


  • Hospitality 
  • We invest time in building relationships 
  • We believe in order to restore family we must understand the original intent
  • We listen to hear what the heart is saying 
  • We need one another 

Our future generations will be profoundly affected by the social environment we establish as a legacy. 

Each of us has a part in the process of restoring fatherhood 

We should ask ourselves what can I bring to the table of restoration 

As we succeed, the fatherless are loved and cared for resulting in  every sector of our city  being impacted for good. 


The levels of crime, violence, mental illness, and poverty will decrease 

Families will live in hope and expectancy 

Fathers will step into their place of provider and protector and the children of our city will flourish in peace and security 

To find out more email us at info@familyfoundationfund.org or Contact Us