Through the generosity of our foundation families we have been able to continue to underwrite the cost of private education, and academic support services to our program participants.

Through the giving of foundations, Family Foundation Fund is able to keep impacting at-risk young men and their families and providing them with resources to break generational cycles of poverty and illiteracy.

  ~  Foundation Champions  ~  

We are thankful to the following foundations and friends of the program

  • Cal Turner Foundation
  • Don H. Splawn Foundation
  • Don R. Elliott Foundation
  • Frist Foundation
  • Marlene and Spencer Hays Foundation
  • Nashville Predators Foundation
  • Nehemiah Foundation
  • Ramsey Family Foundation
  • The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee
  • The Giving Circle
  • The Memorial Foundation

If you would like to learn more about how your foundation can further its reach and get involved with our mission please contact or Contact Us