Strategic Plan


Loving families create strong communities. Strong communities create safe, productive, and healthy environments for our families to do life in.  

The fatherless epidemic and the collapse of the family unit have left many of our Middle Tennessee communities without hope, access to proper training and educational resources to break generational cycles of poverty and illiteracy. The Family Foundation Fund takes a strategic holistic approach to restoring fatherhood in our city.    

The Road To The Restoration Of Fatherhood 

~ Community ~

To strengthen family connections, bridge the fatherless gap, and equip leaders in our communities  through love, training, and cross cultural engagement

  • Intentional Fatherhood Programs
  • Fatherhood Resource Centers
  • Community Banquets
  • Son Camp
  • Volunteer Programs
  • Educational  Enrichment
  • Motherhood Assistance Programs

~ Health & Wellness ~

To impact the quality of life in our communities by offering access to organic food, holistic health practices, and sharing insight on food and agriculture.

  • Health coaching
  • Increased access to organic food
  • Meal prep
  • Agricultural training
  • Community gardens

~ Monetary ~

To teach economic  responsibility and financial viability and create a platform where resources, charity, and opportunity seekers work in a balanced manner to accomplish common objectives.

  • Professional Development
  • Budgeting Programs
  • Entrepreneurial Training
  • Sliding Scale Program Fees
  • Donor Advised Giving
  • Education Subsidies
  • Internship Placement

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