Fathering and healthy family dynamics are needed in all of our communities. With the help of our community champions we are able to extend our reach far and wide throughout communities in Middle Tennessee. If your church, company, or organization is looking to start a fatherhood and family initiative in your local community consider teaming up with Family Foundation Fund. Productive families build strong neighborhoods. Strong neighborhoods lead to safe, loving, impactful communities where all citizens can thrive.

   ~  Community Champions  ~  

Thanks to Our Champions for your love, support and guidance has given hope to a fatherless generation:

  • Abundant Love Fellowship
  • Alvin Love & Cece Winans
  • Bellshire Assembly of God Church
  • Dave & Sharon Ramsey
  • Grace Community Church
  • Lighthouse Christian School
  • St. Andrews Presbyterian Church
  • St. George’s Episcopal Church
  • Vince & Amy Gill

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