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The Family Foundation Fund is a non-profit organization based out of Nashville, TN whose mission is to nurture boys with absent fathers into successful, Christ-centered manhood and to inspire and equip them to be fathers that impact the destiny of future generations.”  More…


If you are interested in volunteering your time, becoming a surrogate parent or lending a hand in some way, please contact us and we will get back with you right away. You will be richly blessed by doing so. 

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In the United States today, approximately 70% of African-American homes do not have fathers present. Statistically, this means young males are ‘at-risk’ at a disproportionate risk for teen suicide, dropping out of school, chemical abuse, prison and behavioral problems. The Family Foundation Fund was established as a 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry to serve the the Metro Nashville and Middle Tennessee areas by providing a mentoring program to fatherless, ‘at-risk’ and disadvantaged boys, ages ten years old and older.

The Family Foundation Fund Mentoring Program is an intensive, multi-year program in which a mature, well-balanced Christian man acts as a surrogate father for an ‘at-risk’ youth who will have a long-term relationship and take an active interest in his life.

Over the past 21 years, 64 Foundation sons have been mentored and the results speak for the success of the program. 94% of the Foundation sons who have graduated the mentoring program have no criminal record and none have become teenage fathers. FFF sons have gone on to college, joined the U.S. armed forces, became employed and are responsible citizens.

The Family Foundation Fund have proven successfully that these young men will break the cycle of fathers abandoning their children and all the difficulties that this causes. We are producing husbands and fathers who love the Lord, cherish their wives and children and know the value of hard work and responsibility.

Other Aspects Of Our Program

Upon acceptance into the mentoring program, the Foundation sons’ mothers attend an orientation weekend sponsored by the Family Foundation Fund which is generally the first weekend in April. After that, the FFF sons attend a two week Son Camp at the beginning of the summer. After the camp, them may apply for our Summer Mentoring Program where they spend two days with Christian men who allow them to shadow them in their places of work.

On our Son Farm, the FFF sons also learn the value of organically grown produce through their participation. This experience benefits them and their families, helping them to “Eat Healthy and Stay Balanced”.

Mentoring Program Application

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Surrogate Father Application

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Business Mentorship Application

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BeIntentional-02Onnie Kirk, Founder of the Family Foundation Fund, is bringing a series of inspirational messages entitled, “Be Intentional” throughout the year.


Click this link for more information.


Saturday June 16, 2018
The Fontanel Mansion

Nashville, TN

The Fatherhood Games is an exciting, action-packed, half-day event held annually on the Saturday morning before Father’s Day on the beautiful grounds of the majestic Fontanel Mansion in Nashville, TN. There’s lots of family-friendly, competitive games and activities which can be played on teams or individually. It’s great fun for dads, moms, kids, grandparents, family, friends, co-workers, church members — everyone from ages 1 to 101!

We start early at 7 AM with an optional, chip-timed, USTAF-measured, 5K wooded trail race (run or walk), and then proceed with the Games right after the race awards have been presented.

Included with every registration is: a free continental breakfast, tasty snacks, bottled water, good music, hot air balloon rides and a dozen inflatables… in other words, lots of great fun and an excellent value for the whole family!

This event is sponsored by the Family Foundation Fund, a non-profit organization based out of Nashville whose mission is to nurture young men and develop them into successful, Christ-centered manhood and inspire and equip them to be fathers that impact the destiny of future generations.

The Fatherhood Games is the perfect Father’s Day gift and quite possibly a new Father’s Day weekend family tradition. So get your game on, register today and join us to celebrate fatherhood while helping to raise support for boys whose fathers are absent from their lives. You’ll have fun, you’ll make some great memories and most importantly, you’ll make a difference! Click here to see some of the fun we had last year.


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“I am presented with many opportunities to help others in my profession, and I enjoy being able to do so. In the case of Family Foundation Fund, I am able to enthusiastically support a local organization doing exceptionally important work consistently and faithfully.”

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