Annual Mothers’ Weekend

Mothers' AnnualWeekend - Spring 2016Spring 2016 ~ During the month of April every year the FFF staff, surrogate fathers, and FFF mothers pull aside for a time to gain understanding about the journey of the soul. During this time together they were introduced to the spiritual principles of fatherhood and family. The FFF mothers look forward to the time of refreshing, training, and fellowship. This year two months prior to this annual gathering, the FFF mothers were all given the devotional “Jesus is Calling.” Several of the mothers expressed their gratitude and shared how much the devotional had impacted their lives.

We were blessed to have guest presenters Terry Smith, who shared insights into generational mapping, and the impact of our generational heritage. Benny Prophit allowed us to preview the movie “I Am Not Ashamed,” the story of Rachel Scott who was killed at Columbine High School for her faith in the Lord.

Our special thanks to Chef Cleveland Shearls, the owner of The Lost Spoon who prepared our evening meals. FFF staff, mothers, and surrogate fathers experienced five star dining at its’ best! It is always a joy to have alumni mothers return for this weekend and help serve the mothers who are currently active in the mentoring program. This year’s alumni mothers in attendance were Tquilla Fuqua, Mary Smith, and Nikki Morgan.

Mothers' Annual Weekend - May 2014May 2014 ~ What is it like to realize that the full responsibility of a family rest on your shoulders? Our FFF mothers wake up to these realities every day that they are responsible for where their family will live, what they will eat, what they will wear, their safety, transportation, education and future. Our heavenly Father never intended for a mother to carry the full weight of this responsibility. In Biblical times, the body of believers was charged to care for the single mothers (widows) and the orphans. The community did not abandon her or leave her to fend for herself and her children. For the past seventeen years we set aside the first weekend in April as a time of rest, orientation and rejuvenation for the Family Foundation Fund Mothers. We are grateful for all our partners and sponsors whose prayers and gifts make this possible.

The Hiding Place, a retreat center owned by CLC (Christian Leadership Concept) on the Cumberland River has become the respite for this annual gathering. One of the highlights of this year’s mother’s weekend was viewing the food documentary entitled Forks over Knives. After viewing the documentary, the mothers were issued an 84 day challenge in increments of 21 days. They were to discipline themselves to drink nothing but water a minimum of 80 ounces a day, no candy or sugary sweets the first 21 days. As the mothers adhere to the specification of each 21 day dietary assignment, we are witnessing physical makeovers. Weight is melting away, joint pain, migraines, sinus/allergy issues have cleared up. Several mothers report a boost in their energy level, two of them walked 12 miles last weekend. Some have experienced dramatic changes in their complexion.

Those mothers who complete the annual 5K Run/Walk for Family & Fatherhood in 50 minutes or less and complete the 84 day challenge will have the opportunity to participate in an international get away (location has not been disclosed). Please keep our FFF mothers in your prayers and come join us on June 14th and encourage them as they walk/run for the restoration of Fatherhood.

84 Day Challenge - Sept 2014Fall 2014 ~ The 84 Day Challenge

This year during our annual mother’s orientation weekend, we encouraged our FFF mothers to take control of their physical health by changing what they consumed in their daily diets. The challenge was given in four 21 day increments. The first 21 days the only liquid intake was to be water “nature’s best.” Each would be required to drink a minimum of 80 ounces of water per day, limiting them to eat only two meals, one being a non-cooked organic veggie meal the other traditional with the exception of no fried foods, and meat could only be baked, broiled or roasted. They were encouraged to limit themselves to two 10 oz. snacks per day (no candy or sugary sustenance). The second 21 days the regiment remained the same with the addition of moderate exercise (walking and taking the stairs) and an increase in their water intake. The third 21 days the regiment continued with the addition of both meals being totally raw and nothing cooked (basically salads) and increased exercise. The fourth and final 21 days all participating mothers were to continue the nutrition/exercise regimen and drink 80 plus ounces of water per day and increase their exercise.

During this challenge they would have to participate in the Fatherhood Games 3.2 mile Trail Run and cross the finish line in less than 50 minutes. For their diligence and commitment in achieving this goal they would be rewarded with an international vacation to the Dominican Republic. During the 84 Day Challenge, remarkable things happened: minor aches and pains began to leave the body, allergies, skin rashes, and facial complexions all cleared up. Mothers reported they slept better, felt better and had more energy. One mother who suffers with asthma noticed a significant change in her need to use her inhaler. There were many wonderful reports from those who participated in the 84 Day challenge. For several this was not just a onetime exercise. It has become a lifestyle change as shown in the picture below. Thanks to Glen & Glenda Mackey who encouraged the mothers to stay the course during the 84 Day Challenge. The FFF mothers lost a combined weight of 90 lbs. during the 84 Challenge. 

The 84 Day Challenge - Contest Winners The four mothers who completed the 5K Trail Run in under 50 minutes were Nikki Morgan, Angela Thompson, Catina Beaird, and Mary Smith. They were rewarded with with an all-expense paid trip to the Dominican Republic. T Quilla was awarded with a consolation prize for her hard work and went to Santa Rosa, Florida.

Mothers' Annual Weekend - May 2013May 2013 ~ Our annual Mother’s weekend was held April 5–7 at the Hiding Place on the Cumberland River in Clarksville, TN. The mothers and FFF staff had a fabulous time. Our presenters did an outstanding job. Carl Roberts from Thinking Ahead did an overview of the mother’s personality profiles. They all were so surprised at the results. Lisa Barber with Dave Ramsey’s organization spoke about practical financial solutions and budgeting wisely. Lisa had been a single mom at one time and could relate to the lack of financial resources. Dr. Rowen Pfiefer shared about the importance of nutrition and the body being the temple of God and the importance of not making it a garbage dumpster.