Mentoring Program Alumni

Mentoring Program ~ Past ParticipantsOver the past 25 years, 70 Foundation sons have been mentored and the results speak for the success of the program. 94% of the Foundation sons who have graduated the mentoring program have no criminal record and many have gone on to college, joined the U.S. Armed Forces, became employed and are responsible citizens. The Family Foundation Fund sons successfully prove that they can break the cycle of fathers abandoning their children and the difficulties that this causes. These mentoring program graduates love the Lord, cherish their wives and children and know the value of hard work and responsibility.

Montrell T. (Last names omitted to protect privacy)

Montrell T.Montrell is one of the many great stories of redemption within the Family Foundation Fund. Montrell entered the program as a 14 year old from a single parent home. His father was not in his life at the time and his mother was on disability, doing her best to make ends meet. She learned of the Family Foundation Fund and enrolled her son in the program in June of 1995. Montrell completed the program and graduated from Lighthouse Christian School in 2000 and then enrolled in Middle TN State University with the financial assistance of Mr. Ed Jernigan. After his sophomore year, he decided to leave school and join the U.S. Navy. He served in the navy as a Boatswain Mate then re-enrolled in college and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. He is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in Administration of Criminal Justice and Security. At 32, Montrell is faithful in his commitment to the Lord and recently sent us the following message: “My mother, Diane R., enrolled me in the Family Foundation Fund when I was a freshman in high school. My fondest memory was Son Camp 1996 where we built a cabin from the ground up. To mothers that are considering enrolling their sons in the program, it will be life changing. The father-figures in the program want to see every Foundation son grow to be a godly man who will be responsible for his family. Without the program, I honestly could not tell you where my life would be today. Because of the mentoring program, I know what it means to be a man and some day when I become a father, the principles taught me by Onnie Kirk will be passed on to my son. Life is about family and responsible fathers are the foundation of the family.”


A.J.A.J. graduation"My name is A.J. and I am a Family Foundation Fund Alumni. My mom enrolled me in the program in 2003 and I graduated from the program in 2011. To be honest I did not understand why it was important to have a father figure in my life. But I’m glad that my mother being the wise woman that she is knew better. I would complain to my mom about what I didn’t like about the program. But I have to admit through the mentorship program I learned the value of hard work, commitment, servant leadership, and to look at life’s journey from a biblical perspective. I learned that my spiritual life in Christ Jesus, and biblical understanding are the key components to a successful life. I am grateful for my surrogate father who taught me many life lessons such as how to have faith, reliability, keeping my word, and even helped me learn how to drive (even after I wrecked his truck!). Thanks for being patient with me Mr. Andy. and always having my best interest at heart. I would spend time with him over the weekends and he would be in the stands when my football team played. Sometimes when I wanted to be self-centered and focus on myself he would help me process what was right. I am grateful that he has always been there for me. I know he prays for me and truly cares about my future. The Family Foundation Fund is true to its mission statement, changing lives one boy at a time. Mine is a life that was changed for the better because of the mentoring program.”

Darius F.

Darius F."My experience with the Family Foundation Fund was an exceptional one. They provided a wide range of opportunities for me as young male. They taught me the things a young man should know about life and how to attain the life I wanted. Over the years they taught me things from oil changing on cars, how to wash cars, what to wear on formal occasions, proper etiquette, and the list goes on. More importantly what they taught me about was being a Son of God and living my life according to God’s word. My time in the program was sponsored by Vince Gill and Amy Grant. I thought it was pretty cool that Vince Gill would occasionally eat breakfast with me and my surrogate father, Mr. Larry Malone. I thought it was very special that Vince took me to outings such as basketball games and would invite me over to his house. I would recommend this program for any other fatherless boys who are less fortunate much like I was. This program provides opportunities for young boys and provides help through their mentoring programs. They take the boys on trips throughout the year to various locations, pending the circumstances, such as Florida, Denver, Georgia and even some international trips and it allowed people like me to visit and experience other places I would not otherwise had the opportunity to. I along with my other brothers/friends in the program was not only treated well, but we also gained a friend and father figure from our Surrogate Dads. The Surrogate Fathers are there to help raise the young boys into mature godly men. He’s someone who grows with them and watches them grow and teaches them "the do’s and don’ts of manhood". Mr. Larry guided, taught and showed me about the role a father plays in the lives of his family. I’m glad I was able to participate with the Foundation because the program is worth the time.”

Quintin H.

Quintin H. Quintin was a Family Foundation Fund son from age 11 to 18 because of extenuating circumstances Quintin lived with his surrogate family Curtis & Theresa Cook from age 13-18. Quintin married after his first year in the National Guard and he’s now the father of two children, ages 4 and 3. In 2015, we asked Quintin to give us some feed back about his experience in the mentoring program:

FFF: How do you feel the FFF mentoring program best served you?
QH: The program probably helped me the most grooming an intense work ethic.

FFF:What would you have liked to have known when you were 10-18 yr old?
QH: I would tell the younger me to stay focused on his mission and to take better care of his finances.

FFF:If there were two life lessons that you learned while in the mentoring program, and that you realized later on were very helpful in life, what would you say they were?
QH: Two life lessons: God and Family come first always. A good name and hard work go a very long way.

FFF: How are you applying the life principles that you learned through the Cook’s (your surrogate parents), Mr. Onnie, and the military in your family’s life?
QH: My role as a father is very important in my children’s lives. I must meet their needs physically and emotionally before my own.

Corey S.

Corey S."I am very thankful for the Family Foundation Fund and how they impacted my life in so many ways. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be the father and husband I am today. I’m just very grateful that Onnie Kirk took time out of his life and his family to help better my life. The program has also given me a man that I still talk to and call every day and is like a father to me. His name is Whit Klemme and I love him and his family very much. Not only has Onnie and Whit impacted my life, but my 3 daughters love them very much and call them Paw Paw Onnie and Paw Paw Whit. Thanks to the program, I have a wonderful loving family and a job that I love doing. Thank you Family Foundation Fund staff, mentors and many other people that have impacted my life. I love you all and God bless you!”

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