DaveRamsey Dave Ramsey 

Nationally syndicated radio host of “The Dave Ramsey Show” and #1 best-selling author, “The Total Money Makeover".

"The Family Foundation Fund mentors boys, age 10 through adolescence, from single parent homes. The young men who have been a part of the mentoring experience are testimonies to its effectiveness. Sharon and I believe in what they are doing and are personally involved.”

CeceWinans CeCe Winans  

Winner of ten Grammy Awards and seven Stellar Awards, 16 million records world-wide and the best selling female gospel artist of all time

“I love this organization! I would encourage you and your family to support the Family Foundation Fund.”

Vince Gill Vince Gill  

Grammy Award-winning Recording Artist

“I am presented with many opportunities to help others in my profession, and I enjoy being able to do so. In the case of Family Foundation Fund, I am able to enthusiastically support a local organization doing exceptionally important work consistently and faithfully.”

Larry Malone Larry Malone  

Former Director, United Methodists Men’s Ministries

“Darius (one of the FFF sons) and I have a relationship where the blessings flow both ways; I get to pass on some of life’s lessons that I have learned and be available to listen and observe. Darius has someone other than family and teachers to be interested in his development into healthy, Godly manhood. God’s plan is for intergenerational linkage, but often young and old are isolated. Take a leap of faith and become a mentor. God will bless you and others greatly!”