The Family Foundation Fund is a non-profit organization based out of Nashville, TN whose mission is to nurture, mentor, inspire and equip boys from homes with absentee fathers and help them to become successful, Christ-center fathers who will impact the destiny of future generations.
Onnie and Margienell Kirk Onnie Kirk – Founder & Executive Director and Margienell Kirk – Co-Founder & Administrative Director

In the early 90’s, Onnie & Margienell Kirk, became painfully aware of the demise of families in America and especially in African-American communities. After doing extensive research, it became evident to them that the cause of this demise was the absence of fathers in the home. 

Corey, Onnie and JoshuaIn 1993, Onnie began taking two young men to work with him, and the Family Foundation Fund began soon after. The days were spent working, teaching, training and sharing about his life and experiences. That summer, Onnie and Margienell invited the young men to live with them and their family. The goal was for them to experience family life, and learn the ways of authentic Christ-centered manhood which would impact their lives for generations.

Fatherhood TrainingStatistics show that children who are raised in families without a strong father role model experience significant emotional, physical, social and financial problems later in life. In the United States today, approximately 70% of African-American homes do not have fathers present. Statistically, this means young males are ‘at-risk’ at a disproportionate risk for teen suicide, dropping out of school, chemical abuse, prison and behavioral problems. 
Family Foundation FundThe Family Foundation Fund was established in 1992 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry to serve the Metro Nashville and Middle Tennessee areas by providing a intensive, multi-year, mentoring program in which mature, well-balanced Christian men act as surrogate fathers and establish long-term relationships with disadvantaged boys, ages ten years old and older, who are from homes with absent fathers, and assist them in becoming successful, Christ-center fathers who will impact the destiny of future generations
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